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The daily grind of work and personal takes a toll on your body and mind. A regular Spa helps you unwind, relax and re-energise. Choose from across the signature, home-crafted massages & therapies or go for the good old Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Ayurvedic massages or the Thai massage.

Medusa Luxury Spa therapies will help keep your body running smoothly, so you can run that half marathon or that full day of meetings.

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Step into the tranquil world of Medusa Luxury Spa. Our gallery showcases the serene environment, luxurious treatment rooms, and elegant facilities designed to enhance your relaxation experience. From soothing ambiance lighting to meticulously designed interiors, every element is crafted to provide a haven of peace and rejuvenation.

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Of Self care at Medusa Luxury Spa. Loose your daily stressors & renew yourself with our professionally trained healers. Our Spas follow high standards of hygiene & welcome families for adopting wellness as a way of life.


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Go from Tired to Revitalised.

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